We are collectively experiencing so much change right now. The ground is fragile. Our sense of […]
Are you ready for an investigation of your life’s intrinsic motivations? Are you aware of the […]
Capturing the essence of a person(s), community or animal is part of what the symbolism of […]
SPF TV: Athbheochan Podcast #1 with Blue Niall – Bás Newspaper interview – The Independent Radio Kerry […]
This is a 7 week immersive heart-warming experience broken down into 6 online sessions (3) individual […]
In May 2019 we invited Tuomas Rounkari to Ireland, from Finland to reflect upon the rich […]
Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds For many people, grief […]
1. A GrassRoots Social Movement! KeepStones is an artistic project nested into a grief-care service. The […]
Integration Support Life Shocks Complexed Grief Personal Crisis Near Death/Non-Ordinary Experiences Who might benefit from this […]