I started to train in this modality almost 6 years ago.

We are born with the need to be touched. If we are not cuddled as babies or children, we do not develop as well. Mammals, also, need to be touched and cuddled as pups. There are many experiments with chimpanzees, orangutans, Bonobos, as well as other monkeys, rats, cats and dogs, which demonstrate dramatically the difference between touched and cuddled as babies and those who are not.

Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient way of healing that integrates yoga, thai massage and movement into a dance between giver and receiver. The technique enhances the principles of Traditional Thai Massage through the use of rocking, rhythmic and oscillatory techniques. and is fully clothed. The focused movement has a practical advantage of improving circulation, but on the emotional level, this process opens up space in the body. This in turn effectively shifts stagnation in the physical and energetic pathways, including life force energy.

Touch is the only one of our five senses that doesn’t lose its potency with age. As we grow old, our sense of smell becomes less acute; our sense of taste becomes less discriminating; our acuity of hearing diminishes; our eyesight needs enhancement, but touch does not change. In fact, our need to touch and be touched becomes greater.

Touch comes before sight, before speech.

It’s the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth.

Margaret Atwood

For the purpose of re-integration this technique can soothe the nervous system, releasing the fight or flight response that is a shock response to any N.O.S.E   


This practice teaches trust, letting go, and surrender. To get into the flow of the session I liken it to being like a Willow tree that sways in the wind, rather than an Oak tree that is firm and rigid.

It is a good litmus test for emotional maturity, with how well you can allow feelings to come and go, especially because it is counter-intuitive to what we normally do in daily life. Many of the feelings that come up may be new or unexamined for this reason. It is counter-intuitive because most of our actions are driven by something and coming from the doing-mode, being a hammer and seeing everything as a nail. In T.Y.M you must give this up and give yourself over to the other person.

If this mode of being was brought into daily life behind our actions, they would be much more enjoyable and fruitful, because of a non-striving attitude.

TANYA will recognise any tension in parts of the body and discover with the person what may be the cause. Are they resisting and not allowing their emotions? Not feeling them fully? Judging them as positive or negative and thereby holding onto/suppressing them?

If one is fully surrendered and comfortable with their Yin/Yang (especially feminine aspect for men) then you will flow freely with the movements like a willow tree. If emotions are allowed to pass through without resistance, then that person gains confidence, peace, acceptance, and self-mastery. Applied in the session and out of the session in daily life.

T.Y.M is a great diagnostic tool. I have learned that someone who can be a superconductor of their emotions, who allows them all to be fully felt, experienced, and learned from, then becomes very attractive. This is how to be an attractive man, a truly masculine man who is detached from outcome and fully grounded in his own being. His body is loose and not rigid, he can be assertive but also emotional, as both aspects of himself are in balance.

Adam Downes




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