a product & a specialised grief care service

for people who choose Cremation as a committal choice

KeepStones facilitate commemoration. They are a sustainable replacement to scattering cremated human or animal remains in nature. This process creates a dialogue and gets people wondering about our relationship to choosing an alternative to burial. We believe that grief is individual. It takes time, and ritual is a softening tool. Loss is the common ground. KeepStones are the remedy for people who find a bag of ash in a container unfitting for their beloved. As more people are turning to cremation we aim to support and educate Irish people about their choice. Our method challenges the tradition of  dispersing a carbon-based nutritionless ash into the environment as the best outcome. KeepStones give people a tangible, artful  keepsake. Now you can return your loved one to nature or hold onto their memory, until the parting feels timely. This delicate transformation uses environmentally friendly & sustainable raw materials combined with cremated remains, fired in a ceramic kiln. The result – individually crafted stones shaped with love.

This service is in development for release in the Spring 2022

KeepStones – Choosing this transformative model adds a new potential for ritual, and a new way to memorialise Death. This natural conversion offers a meaningful tool for recollection, bridging a connection to the deceased at the early stages of loss. We understand the emotional aspect of this choice and provide a care package, with professional Grief therapists, Doulas and Ceremonialists to accompany you along the way, guiding the process of ritual and integration around loss & bereavement.

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