This is a 7 week immersive heart-warming experience broken down into 6 online sessions and 1 individual personalised session (this is an additional 90 min individual session, person to person online, outside of the 6 group meetups, at a time designated by you, during the first week).

The ¨Search¨ will be broken down under the following themes. 

S for Story, Self Care & Self Soothing

S– for Somatics, Senses, & Sustenance

S– for Semblance & Spirituality

S– for Sanitising, Scapegoating & Sacrilege

S– for Sexuality, Shame & Satisfaction

S– for Sorrow, Song & Sacredness

And finally

S- for Synergy, Strength & Salvation! under a Solstice Gathering


  • Registration is by the 30th of October.
  • The process starts the 1st week of Nov.
  • Each week you will receive, into your inbox, a new section of the Sister Seekers Handbook, as your own personal resource. This your guide towards self reflection under predefined themes.
  • The following week we meet to discuss the theme in a supportive online Zoom group.
  • The last Zoom call week is currently planned on the 2nd week of Dec.
  • The Solstice gathering should happen between Sun 20th-Mon 21st of Dec 2020, hopefully in the flesh!            

The focus of this group is to assist those identifying as women (LGBT inclusive) to deepen their relationship with the Witness, both self and other. How? We do our individual process each week, between sessions and then collectively support each other by sharing in a group setting online. This is a collaborative learning experience. Let’s create a roadmap, considering change under predefined steps in a creatively contained process. One of our greatest gifts is our capacity to re-imagine ourselves. Let´s re-ímagine together!

For a full breakdown of what´s involved download the



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