This is a 7 week immersive heart-warming experience broken down into 6 online sessions (3) individual personalised sessions and (4) group sessions – the closing session being a Live session (hopefully the end of May).

This journey is suitable for any woman who is finally finding the space and time to consider how life has become a blur. This is for any woman who is feeling like her senses are dulled and is now motivated to ask herself more revealing questions. This journey is for those questioning the parameters of life, wondering about the impact of social conditioning on thinking and being curious about the different kinds of healing methods out there, including somatics, plants and the use of non ordinary state experiences.

Some of the main themes are listed below. Woven into those, we consider myth, health, belonging, grief & many other topics.

If you are beginning to recover your wild spirit or wish to nurture it´s emergence by seeking out women who will resonate with your inner misfit- this reclaimation process is for you.

The ¨Search¨ will be broken down under the following themes. 

S for Story, Self Care & Self Soothing

S– for Somatics, Senses, & Sustenance

S– for Semblance & Spirituality

S– for Sanitising, Scapegoating & Sacrilege

S– for Sexuality, Shame & Satisfaction

S– for Sorrow, Song & Sacredness

And finally

S- for Synergy, Strength & Salvation! under a Solstice Gathering


  • Registration is open – announcements on Facebook
  • The process starts from the 29th March 2021
  • Each week you will receive, into your inbox, a new section of the Sister Seekers Handbook, as your own personal resource. This your guide towards self reflection under predefined themes.
  • Each week we meet to discuss the theme in a supportive online Zoom space, 3 individual sessions, 3 group sessions. Last date by the 9th of May
  • The final Graduation gathering will hopefully be in the Flesh, 3 weeks after we close, on the last week of May.

The focus of this group is to assist those identifying as women (LGBT inclusive) to deepen their relationship with the Witness, both self and other. How? We do our individual process each week, between sessions and then collectively support each other by sharing in a group setting online. This is a collaborative learning experience. Let’s create a roadmap, considering change under predefined steps in a creatively contained process. One of our greatest gifts is our capacity to re-imagine ourselves. Let´s re-ímagine together!



Tanya is an honest, perceptive and sensitive facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and experience of many practices. I found her candid in sharing her own experience, steady in her support and helpful in bringing clarity to my inner knowledge and enquiry. I loved connecting with the other women on the course too and sharing experiences. Thanks for a great experience


These themes resonated with me & helped me think of things in a way I hadn’t before. They introduced so much more information that helped me make sense of myself and my feelings around events in my life.


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of sister seekers. What you put together was amazing work, loved doing every minute of it and yes I really and truly feel that this has helped me tremendously, old wounds have been healed. I also feel clearer regarding myself and my life right now. The work you put into writing it was so empowering, you could even make the content into a book!

What next? – email me on to express your interest. We can have a chat to see if this course will suit your needs and we can go from there.

Cost? The Quest is €265 euro, which can be broken up into 7 payments of €35.00, based on a payment plan, on request.



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