Thank you so much for your interest in the end of life doula courses run by Sacred Circle, hosted by myself (A Time to Gather). At this time we are pausing to redesign the course before relaunching it hopefully in late Summer; as soon as we have dates for those courses we will make them public and if you would like to be on a mailing list for updates please let us know by return of email.  Do email us with your interest on and we will make sure to add you to our list of interest for the next announcement. Be Well

Here are some details on our way of thinking:


Like birth, we want to bring death back where it belongs; in the hands and hearts of loved ones, in the home and community, in sacred space. We want to bring back touch, care, love, connection and to uphold the importance of death as a holy threshold and transition. We seek to reclaim all aspects of caring for the dying, the dead and the bereaved from clinical conditions back into our hearts and everyday lives. We want to change the narrative around death, no more euphemisms, no more dirty words, no more taboos. We honour grief; both our own, each others and that of our ancestors and the world.

What to Expect

This 5 day initial preparation session will cover the following core topics:

• Attending to our own stories of death and grief (self knowledge, self care)
• Sitting with people who are dying (deep listening, cultivating presence)
• Understanding the medical model, the system as it is
• Legalities surrounding death, care of the dead and funerals
• The stages of “end of life” – before, during and after death
• Listening the needs of the person who is dying, advocating for their wishes to be fulfilled
• The importance of creating sacred space, the environment
• The importance of looking at the family and/or community constellation within which this death is happening – working with families and friends to help create that environment of peace
• The transit of the Soul – what is happening to the soul at death (not to be taught but explored)
• Griefwork; for the dying, the carers and for the bereaved
• Voicework; singing to the dying, use of voice in releasing grief and trauma
• The Old Rituals – keening, lamenting, cynhebrwng in wales, wakes in Ireland and Scotland (we will ask you to research your local traditions prior to the weekend)
• Working with the ancestors (you are not spiritually alone)

Training in person Ireland 2023 – Sept 24th

Training in person Ireland 2024 – dates tbc



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