The Story So Far In April 2019 we invited Tuomas Rounkari to Ireland, from Finland to […]
Surrendering to your sorrow has the power to heal the deepest of wounds For many people, grief […]
A NEW MOTIVATION Marian Caulfield’s initial inspiration for her creative Phd investigation was a concept that […]
Integration Support N.D.E & N.O.S.E Life Shocks Complexed Grief Personal Crisis Who might benefit from this […]
I started to train in this modality almost 6 years ago. We are born with the […]
DEATH DOULA / END OF LIFE COMPANION Due to current restrictions we are restructuring our course […]
a product & a specialised grief care service for people who choose Cremation as a committal […]
Dying is Everyone’s Outcome Recently the Irish Hospice Foundation asked Irish people, in a survey, what […]