Grieving for Cohesion

Let’s listen deeply to what exists inside us & express it with our own unique Voice. 

Come Join Us to observe, listen, imagine, Harnessing the Wisdom of the Bear to sound out our losses, and wild emotions together

This is an Experiential Group is facilitated by:

Tanya Bryan     Alexandra Derwen & Tuomas Rounakari

During this residential weekend we will include our considerations and experience on the phenomenon of

 Wailing/Keening/Lament/ – the Caoineadh.  


Bears in Irish Folklore: An Ancient Connection

Bears no longer inhabit this country but Ireland has a long history with these majestic creatures. Thousands of years ago the Brown bear (Ursus arctos) roamed the Irish countryside. They have a special place in Irish mythology, symbolising strength, courage, and wisdom. Sacred Circle (Alexandra) collaborates on this project with A Time to Gather (Tanya) – see their bios on website below, invites Finnish violinist, Tuomas Rounakari – an internationally acclaimed composer, ethnomusicologist and educator. His Doctorate of Arts thesis, (presently in preliminary examination at the  University of Arts in Helsinki), discusses the altered states of consciousness and the ability to engage in dialogue with the more-than-human through music. The case study in his thesis centres around the Bear Feast traditions of Finland, Karelia and the indigenous Khanty and Mansi people in Siberia. During our gathering, Tuomas will be playing songs related to the bear’s awakening and Bear Feasts.

Criteria to participate: This isn’t a singing class, nor is this a retreat to teach participants any particular tradition. It’s about becoming more comfortable to wail, and express emotion, including grief in the presence of others. It is less about harmony and entertaining others and more about retrieving the inner wildling, the inner bear, the raw and real responses inside us.


  • to express emotion without restriction
  • to tune into the primal sound of our hearts
  • to map the pattern of tensions in our body with the voice
  • to let go of the need or tendency to entertain or be harmonic
  • to improvise and ‘sound’ more freely and expressively


Fri 8th of March – we greet you at 2pm, settle you into your accommodation. We’ll have some light snacks prepared for you

We are in process from 15:00 – 20:00 with a break for dinner at 6pm

Sat 9th March  schedule shared on the day, includes breaks in nature, breakfast/lunch/dinner

Sun 10th March  – we leave the venue at 2pm – full commitment to attending the closing ceremony is part of our contract together, including breakfast and light lunch on the day 


€395 Twin Share with Ensuite

€350 shared 4 person Ensuite BUNK rooms

Incl. 1st day and last day snacks, 2 x Lunch, 2 x Sat Dinner, 2 x Breaks  prepared by Ludlow and Vine chef James Vine-Chatterton  (Vegetarian food with additional wild venison option for meat eaters)


Step 0  Go to the website  

NOTE: if you are not sure about your suitability we ask you to contact us and fill out the well-being questionnaire before paying


Step 1 – register and pay choosing whichever room type/payment option

Step 2 – we send you a welcome email alongside the welcome brochure and the well-being questionnaire. This will include details of zoom call meetup (1 week before we arrive, as a group, not optional)

Step 3 – final step is we access your well-being questionnaire and depending on the answers we may ask to speak with you before the group we will contact you to confirm this event is right for you at this point in your life. 



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