Integration Support

Life Shocks
Complexed Grief
Personal Crisis
Near Death/Non-Ordinary Experiences

Who might benefit from this therapeutic service?

➢Anyone who is experiencing a life crisis that has resulted in shock

➢Anyone suffering from overwhelm or is in a state of confusion about ‘belonging’ or ‘identity’.

➢Anyone who would like support in integrating a dramatic change in their life, a sudden loss (grief)

➢Anyone who has experienced an altered state, and is left with a sense of confusion

➢Anyone who feels they have been close to Death in a way that has changed their life

For most people any kind of life shock can create a bridge to the unconscious. Unsolicited events, like these common experiences such as sleeping or daydreaming, childbirth, sleep deprivation, euphoria, and even extreme pain or sudden death of a loved one can fire up the nervous system to an extent that we begin to question our reality. A less common unsolicited entry into an altered reality would be a N.D.E (Near Death Experience). 

Can a Shock be like a Wake Up Call?

A newfound awareness can be the gift of a life shock, but navigating the transition at the start may require support. Each person has a different outlook on life and defines things differently. This means a shock can impact a person in very different ways – however, some responses are familiar and collective:

Common themes

  • overwhelming emotions 
  • hearing sounds
  • recognisable otherworldliness 
  • meaningful or disturbing dreams
  • confusion of hurt and grief
  • difficult lessons on forgiveness and fears
  • wordless emptiness of vast proportions
  • odd oneness with everything 
  • separation and disconnection
  • constant questioning on life choices
  • seeing or hearing the deceased

If you have experienced a huge change then you may feel a sense of detachment from that can make you question your reality! Are you feeling disorientated, or like you don’t belong? Some shocks can be difficult to interpret, and after the event a person’s system can respond with high levels of anxiety.

Life can be scary, and shocks can take us to unknown terrain.


Since the beginning of time people have been exploring consciousness to more deeply understand their identity and the meaning of human existence. When a person gains access to the “foreign” realms of their psyche, the territory that transcends the tight, limited boundaries of the ego, the individual can be offered an opportunity to acknowledge their narrative in a new way. Their former self-image and world-view can become more expanded, a new level of awareness can become available and for some, an Awakening occurs. – Jung

How Do I Get Support?
Send an brief email to

Request Assessment.

Your first consultation is priced at €60.00

If you feel comfortable to continue we move onto the next stage – tailored sessions to support your individual needs. You are a unique person so each consultation is different, but common themes = somatics (remembering the body), self-care, diet, self-love, exploring & interpreting the experience/shock, creativity or story telling, myth, mapping using archetypes and re-parenting tools.



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