Capturing the essence of a person(s), community or animal is part of what the symbolism of ritual can hold. When we tune into the nature transformation or change, be it Birth, Growth, Collaboration, Departure or Death– measuring this transition can prepare us to accommodate the discomforts, gifts, fears, and commitments involved. Measuring transition through ritual and ceremony gives us the opportunity to attune to the implications these movements will have to our lives.

Marking an occasion allows us to acknowledge the importance of shared experience and creates a container for us to focus on how much we Love Life.

Ritual making is meaning making, allowing us to reflect on how impacted we are when we move through a new threshold. A new unknown doorway. Ritual and Ceremony can bring relevance to change. It brings thoughtfulness and attention to the ´bigger picture´ aspect of things and allows us to unpack the phenomenon. It assists us to integrate what has happened in our psyche. Ritual can support acceptance.

As a Celebrant I can accompany you to witness what is emerging.

Here is a list of the meaning making ceremonies I offer to support;

  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Rites of Passage
  • Marriage
  • Endings



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