Are you ready for an investigation of your life’s intrinsic motivations? Are you aware of the scripts you play out, the archetypal patterns at play?

Consider for a moment your motivation for reading this article. If you are reading it because you have an interest in self-exploration or you simply want to know more about the topic of motivation, then you are acting based upon intrinsic motivation.

“Intrinsic motivation occurs when we act without any obvious external rewards. We simply enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualise our potentials.”

Using the fascinating World of Archetypes, together, we design out a program to support you to LOOK at your behaviors, MAP your motivations, UNCOVER internal scripts, and lovingly ATTEND to the hidden patterns running your LIFE.

Online only. One free consultation assessment. This allows us both to take an opportunity to decide if a system like this will help you. It’s important to give space for the potential of it not being the right time or right model.

Next step – you pay €195 for a set private sessions – one to one = 3 x 90 mins sessions


You need to use Zoom as the platform – have a private space for up to attend your online session for up to 95 mins per week – do 2 hrs of self reflection between each session and be willing to share your inner purpose. If you cannot commit to the self-reflection then this is not the time for you to dive into this process. Come back when you have more free self process time available.

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