There is a wisdom to Lament. It connects you to your roots and allows an expression of sorrow to be released.

Together we will explore the following

  • Learn to express your sorrow through Lament
  • Reclaim your connection to tears
  • Release your voice
  • Wondering about our loss of Keening, it’s original purpose in Irish culture
  • Exploring the wild side of your spirit
  • Give yourself permission to cry
  • Experience the trans-mutational power of being witnessed in your expression of loss


During this weekend you will participate in your own unique assignment, within the container of an intimate group, using the Irish adaptation of the highly successful and well established Finnish model of Lament. You will embark on a learning experience that teaches you the invaluable art of Lament, taking home tools and practices to greatly assist you in your life. For those who have not heard of Keening, essentially to Keen is to Lament.


To create a safe container for people to engage in true Listening, to meet at the threshold between sound and silence and to allow our bodies to remember a tool long forgotten. Sharing the real nature of our grief and sadness with others brings us closer to each other and helps us to thrive together.


The framework of the workshop is constructed around the English language. We encourage those who speak Gaelic, or any other ancestral language that resonates with them, to weave it through their own lament. This can enrich a persoń s unique Keen with a resonance of sound that speaks to their hearts from a tone that their psyche remembers. This aspect is self chosen and completely optional.


Ticket prices are at €315 (shared twin) and €375 (private double). This includes the workshop, full-board with nourishing wholesome meals, and staying at a luxurious venue as supports during the work. This time our event takes place at a restored Mill-house in the rural setting of Inistoige. We believe that these type of events need extraordinary comforts in order to fully support the transformative power of lament. We therefore offer alot of care through the reflected comforts and food, so that everyone feels physically and emotionally supported in the process of the weekend. We recognise that the cost poses a difficulty for some, and therefore we are open to payment plans (please ask).

Please note, the payment includes an essential integration of the work package, post workshop, which will be discussed further during the weekend, as your ongoing process unfolds. Our long-term aim is to build community, where lament gatherings become a framework of support for the wider collective. We offer a platform for continued connection after the workshop, so that you can feel supported in a lasting journey towards reclaiming Keening as a tool of release.

Facilitator details

This is yet another co creation venture for Tanya and Sinead, both of whom have found a mutually deep resonance to the power, meaning and depth of the Keening tradition. We are delighted to announce the supportive element of storytelling in the mix, with the wonderful AnnaMae (details to follow). We also have the wonderful bodywork practitioner Younis joining us again, to offer grounding and supportive touch during the 3 days.



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