Our next retreat will take place in Sligo from the 23rd to the 25th of August 2019.

We invite you to find a place within, a place of Deep Wisdom and True Belonging.

Together we will gather in Lament and Recalibration. Recalibration is to ‘make small changes to an instrument so that it measures accurately’. Think of your ability to hear that inner voice of wisdom as the instrument. Keening is the tuning fork. Belonging is your own unique Melody.

Clear a pathway using this Ancient and almost forgotten Gaelic tradition of Keening. During this weekend you will participate in a group process of togetherness, where we reclaim and restore the indigenous power of this Irish Art form.


Together we will explore the following –

  • Letting go of FALSE BELONGING
  • Facing our NOT – ENOUGH-NESS
  • UN-SILENCING and supporting our VOICES
  • Exploring the FEMININE and MASCULINE principles of our lives
  • BEING with the Trans-mutational power of WITNESSING

Ticket 285 euros includes Workshop, Full Board with Nourishing Wholesome Meals in the beautiful setting and location of Gyreum Eco Lodge. Ticket Price also includes an essential Integration of the Work Package, post workshop, which will be discussed further during the weekend.

Facilitator details

This is a first time co creation venture for Tanya and Sinead, both of whom have found a mutually deep resonance to the power, meaning and depth of the Keening tradition.


Tanya is a wildly authentic and open hearted human and an expansively well travelled explorer of the infinite space within. She has decades of knowledge, training and experience in the area of Consciousness and Psychospirituality, thus highly skilled in facilitating both her own and others healing, growth and openhearted wild & truthful living. She is the founder of ‘A Time to Gather’, her entrepreneurial venture designed to facilitate, organise and plan retreats of a deeply meaningful nature. In all ventures of life and work, Tanya adopts an integrative and holistic style, availing of a plethora of skills, knowledge and experience. These range from psychotherapy to bodywork to the deep work associated with ritual and ancient tradition, such as Indiginous Shamanism and most recently the Gaelic Artform of Keening. Tanya works as a psychospiritual coach, a mentor, a therapist, a guide and group work facilitator. She is an excellent gatherer of Humans and works closely with people from a wide range of disciplines, such as music, drama, Arts and play therapies, academia, herbal and plant medicine, to name a few. Whether on a one to one basis or as part of a gathering, your work with Tanya will beacon your indiginous wild and authentic self. Prepare to heal, grow and explore within & through, your deeper realms.


Sinead knows each individual has an incredible inner wisdom and given the right environmental factors and conditions, can access that wisdom to heal transform and experience their lives in beautiful ways. Her training and education in Psychology with an emphasis on Mental Health and Psychological Therapies was focused upon the constructs and correlates of Post Traumatic Growth, the Internal Organismic Process, and the correlates of childhood trauma & psychosis. Her work at present in coaching, mentoring, and facilitating individual growth, healing and transformation is underlined by the knowledge of this inner wisdom. In more recent years Sinead has experienced researched and trained in an ecclectic array of modalities, such as human potential, music and song, Shamanism, group process work, body work, emotional release, yoga, meditation and the power of ritual & ceremony.

In all aspects of life Sinead works with and engages the themes of Radical Self Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love, Intuition, Creativity and the underlying Energy at the Heart of Action & Doing. This has led Sinead to deepen her relationship to her creative self in expression through music, song, singing and composition and a particular interest in the Individual Psycho-spiritual Landscapes, especially where the Feminine Principle and our sense of Belonging reside, and their relationships with the wider Anthropological and Cultural environments. Thus the current collaboration with Tanya and the indigenous work of the Irish tradition of KEENING is a natural progression in Sineads journey in life and work.

Aug 23 at 5 PM – Aug 25 at 4:30 PM

Gyreum Eco Lodge, Sligo



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