• This is a 7 week immersive heart-warming experience broken down into 6 online sessions and 1 individual personalised session (this is an additional 90 min individual session, person to person online, outside of the 6 group meetups, at a time designated by you, during the first week).
  • The process Starts again the end of March 2021
  • Each week you will receive, into your inbox, a new section of the Sister Seekers Handbook, as your own personal resource. This your guide towards self reflection under predefined themes.
  • The following week we meet to discuss the theme in a supportive online Zoom group. There are 6 of these in total.
  • The last gathering is in the flesh – in May 2021

Here are some testimonials from 2020


Tanya is an honest, perceptive and sensitive facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and experience of many practices. I found her candid in sharing her own experience, steady in her support and helpful in bringing clarity to my inner knowledge and enquiry. I loved connecting with the other women on the course too and sharing experiences. Thanks for a great experience


These themes resonated with me the most as they helped me think of things in a way I hadn’t before. They introduced so much more information that helped me make sense of myself and my feelings around events in my life.


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of sister seekers. What you put together was amazing work, loved doing every minute of it and yes I really and truly feel that has helped me tremendously, old wounds have been healed. I also feel a bit more clear regarding myself and my life right now. The work you put into writing it was so empowering, you could even make the content into a book if not a course!